• Help women in wine tell their stories
  • Encourage women to enjoy life and make connections
  • Get women to open and enjoy one beautiful bottle of wine once a week
Position:     AWP Co-Founder, Winery Owner and Mom of 2 great teenage boys
Phone:        650-464-9408  (text me or email me!)
Wine Style:  Elegant balance, first and foremost.  I love wines with aromatic complexity, distinct personality and lovely texture. 

10 Things About Me:

1.  You can invite 10 people to dinner to discuss a topic important to you, who do you invite, what do you talk about and what wine do you serve?  Michelle Obama, I know that is just one person but she is the person I would most like to talk to.  I have been fascinated by the First Ladies of America and have read many books on this, one of the most difficult positions in America.  The topic I would like to discuss is how do we as a great nation help eliminate modern day slavery which disproportionately affects millions of women and children. 

2.  Best advice you received in your career you wish every woman knew?  Treat others the way you would like to be treated and give people the chance to say yes.

3.  One thing you would really like to know about wine but were afraid to admit you didn’t know?  I am not afraid to ask any question about wine, that is what confidence gives me.  I have an endless interest in learning about wine and luckily every harvest provides me an opportunity to discovers things I did not know.

4.  What is the one secret weapon you have in the kitchen?  Salt, olive oil, butter and lemons because with those 4 ingrediences, I can fix any mistake.  I love cooking.  Ingredients change based on seasons and I find I always adjust recipes by tasting. 

5.  What woman inspires you ... What would you most like to say to her?  What would you most like to ask her?  Julia Childs and MKF Fisher but sadly I have missed my chance to speak with either of them.  Julia Childs started her career at 50 and showed women there were no limits.  MKF Fisher defied social norms and pursued the love of life before we knew what joie de vivre meant.  I turned 50 this year and A Woman's Palate fulfills a true passion for me.  

6.  One chef, one restaurant, one meal.... name your favorites?  El Bulli hands down.  I loved the brillance of taste, the play on all the senses, and the show.... and of course, the marvelous sense of humor and irreverance through out the meal.  A close second would have to be Hortense - their mussels, pomme frites, with a lovely Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc or champagne set the perfect table to a backdrop of the dune de playa, the bay and the deep blue skies. 

7.  What makes a wine special to you?  In the glass, elegant balance and wines with character.  I have had some of the greatest wines made and cherish those memories, but my love of wine comes from the connections and people I share a special bottle of wine with.  

8.  Which talent would you most like to have?  When I was younger, I wanted to be a great writer and a stand up comedian.  I wish I was really, really funny because for me, laughter trumps all else.

9.  What is your favorite wine and where did you drink it?  I love great chardonnay and decided to try to make one.  I love our 2009 RARECAT Chardonnay, sadly there isn't much of it.  I have a very hard time selling the wine; I am very protective that only people who really love it, buy it. 

10.  When do you open a fine wine?  I can change a bad day to a good day or change an ordinary Wednesday into something memorable with one lovely, fine bottle of wine.  For me, there is no day I would not open a fine wine, life is simply too short to drink bad wine.

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