We believe most great ideas start over a glass of wine.

The seeds of A Woman's Palate started while Susan Citron and Sharon Harris were enjoying a bottle of Spottswoode Cabernet during dinner in the home of their mutual friend, Beth Milliken.  Susan had a passion for food and wine and wanted to get back into the wine business after a successful career in publishing and advertising.  Sharon had started Wine Entre Femmes and wanted to help women in the wine industry.  Both shared a dear friend, a passion for wine and the desire to change the way women think about and buy wine.  Like many important business ideas, A Woman's Palate was hatched over a beautiful bottle of wine.

60% of all wines are bought by women.   At wine tastings across the U.S., we have frequently heard women say they really don't know much about wine, and that they weren't sure if they could tell the difference between a basic beverage wine and a fine wine. Yet when tasting the two side by side, almost always they preferred the fine, handcrafted wine.

The real truth is the wine industry has made buying wine intimidating.  There is an overwhelming number of wines to choose from, and the vast majority of the wine media talks to men.  Women often lack confidence when ordering wine even though they are capable of running corporations, starting businesses, raising millions of dollars for charity, and raising families.

We think women truly want to open a bottle of lovely wine.  We know when they do, they will create special moments and make great connections just by doing so. You never know what great ideas happen when women gather around a table to share a bottle of wine.   Pull up a chair and join us for a glass of wine....



Susan & Sharon