Terry Donaldson

Position:     AWP Event Manager
Email:         terry@awomanspalate.com
Wine Style

10 Things About Me:

1.  You can invite 10 people to dinner to discuss a topic important to you, who do you invite, what do you talk about and what wine do you serve? 

2.  Best advice you received in your career you wish every woman knew?  

3.  One thing you would really like to know about wine but were afraid to admit you didn’t know?

4.  What is the one secret weapon you have in the kitchen?

5.  What woman inspires you ... What would you most like to say to her?  What would you most like to ask her?  T

6.  One chef, one restaurant, one meal.... name your favorites?  

7.  What makes a wine special to you? 

8.  Which talent would you most like to have?  

9.  What is your favorite wine and where did you drink it?

10.  When do you open a fine wine?