Common Dog Cabernet

Year:            Non Vintage 
Varietal:       Cabernet Sauvignon 
Appelation:  Napa Valley
Pair with:     BBQ, Hamburger, Steak, Cheese
Serve:          Tuesday night, bookclub, BBQs, 
Talking Point:  
I love great wine.  In 2009, I had some beautiful wine left from over from two previous vintages, too little to sell in bulk and way to good to throw out.  So a made this wine for my bookclub, for 5:00pm on a Tuesday night and to open while BBQing. This wine is a hidden gem, impossible to replicatd the quality of this wine for the price, it is simply a one time opportunity.  Enjoy, this wine if faithfully delicious.


Common Dog Sauvignon Blanc

Year:            2010
Varietal:       Sauvignon Blanc
Appelation:  Napa Valley
Pair with:     Small Bites, Asian, Fish
Serve:          Everyday during the Spring and Summer
Talking Point:  
My favorite clone of Sauvignon Blanc is Sauvignon Muscade because of the aromatics it is to the wine.  The nose of this will explodes with smells.  I love opening this wine on a hot spring day or warm summer evening.  


Common Dog Chardonnay

Year:           2009
Varietal:       Chardonnay
Appelation:  Sonoma County
Pair with:     Fish, vegetable based soups, curries
Serve:          Everyday
Talking Point:  
There are two styles of chardonnay, butter & oaky and non-oaky, often mentioned as "Burgundian" -  Common Dog chardonnay falls into the second category.  It is chrisp, balanced, and a great food wine because of the lovely acidity.  I love drinking this wine with mediterrain influenced appetizers.