Suzanne Phifer Pavitt

Phifer Pavitt Vineyard

After leaving her native Georgia for college and graduate school, Suzanne Phifer Pavitt worked in a highly competitive, professional salesforce. As she started married life with husband Shane, they created a custom of always setting aside one night a week for “date night”, a romantic escape from their hectic careers and lives. On one extended date night which found them in Italy, they decided to rethink their busy lives and commit to enjoying a simpler life. This is how they came to find property in Calistoga, eventually building a home on a ridge overlooking what today is their working winery. Phifer Pavitt Winery produces both a Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc, in very limited quantities. “I do think I’m living a dream,” Suzanne says. “Whether it’s our sense of accomplishment in all of the meaningful details of the winery or just the plain deliciousness of the wine and the happiness it brings people---it never gets old.” Those details include hay bale seating in a unique tasting room (converted barn), blackboard walls where people scribble their own date night stories and their vintage 1967 Airstream (license plate DT NIGHT) ready to take the family on an another adventure.

Other hobbies or Interests:  Yoga, coaching her sons’ sport teams, cooking, gardening, traveling (especially in her vintage Airstream on another great adventure with her husband and two sons)