Cherie Melka

Melka Wines


Signature Wines:
Melka Metisse
Melka CJ


What is your favorite food and wine pairing?
Foie gras and sauternes or oysters and Chenin blanc-either of these would bring a smile to my face.
If you had unexpected guests coming in an hour, what is your go to meal? 
If it were spring or summer, I would serve nicoise salad with seared tuna.  If it were fall/winter, it would be peppercorn filet mignon with blue cheese sauce.
What are the favorite places you have visited?
Visiting Pompeii, Italy with Mount Vesuvius looming above was truly amazing.  Kauai for its ability to really allow me to disconnect with work and enjoy the beauty of the ocean. Sedona for its magical presence and sentimental meaning as that is where I was married to Philippe.
What is the favorite wine you produced?
Metisse La Mekerra Vineyard from Knights Valley - a cabernet franc and merlot blend that is full of minerality and structure.
What woman has inspired you? 
Aside from my mother who was amazing in all respects, I'd have to say Marie Curie for her incredible advances in science.