Lisa Drinkward

Drinkward Peschon
Winemaker & Owner


Signature Wines:
Drinkward Peschon Entre Deux Meres


What is your favorite food and wine pairing?
Really, just one? OK, right now the fried Manchego Cheese at Zuzu with a nice Priorat.
If you had unexpected guests coming in an hour, what is your go to meal?
In the Winter – Chicken and Dumplings. In the Summer – Grilled Ribeye with Tomato Fresh Mozzarella salad on top of a thick slab of grilled bread.
What are the favorite places you have visited?
Stockholm, Sweden - though not necessarily for food. Paris and everywhere in France – for food. New York City – for food. Lake Powell.
What is the favorite wine you produced? The 2008 Cemetary from Behrens Family winery is delicious. The 2002 Drinkward Peschon was always a favorite.
What woman has inspired you? 
So many women have inspired me for so many reasons, but since I have to pick one right now, I am going to say Tina Fey... And my mom.