Boot Camp: May in Napa

Boot Camp: May in Napa

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Come join us and experience Napa!

AWP‘s BootCamp is a three day intensive program bringing small groups of women into Napa Valley to be captivated by the wine business with the inspiring and fun women who live and breathe it every day. Guests enjoy an exclusive entrée to some of Napa and Sonoma's most well-known women vintners including Molly Chappellet (Chappellet), Cathy Corison (Corison), Joy Sterling (Iron Horse) and Beth Milliken (Spottswoode). These exclusive events include fine wine vintner dinners, tastings, chef events (Cindy Pawlcyn) and wine education seminars.

All accommodations, meals and transportation are planned with an eye towards quiet luxury. Guests enjoy unmatched access to the wine country lifestyle, and many unexpected pleasures and learnings they couldn‘t find in a larger event.

Contact for details and pricing.  It's not too late!

This is a unique perspective that most visitors to Napa Valley don't get to see, which our recent Bootcamp-ers discovered.

Here are some of their comments:

Know that our time together in the vineyards, gazing over beautiful sceneries, sipping delicious and fragrant wines, and enjoying tantalizing conversations was a memorable one!

I feel very honored and humble to be with such accomplished and wonderful women as well as meeting very accomplished women vintners!   It was a pleasure drinking, eating and even smelling dirt with you for 3 days!    As we all know it’s a challenge at times to get the time to relax, enjoy the scenery and of course, laugh a lot!

Thank you for this once in a lifetime experience!

I feel I have expanded my knowledge of wine (much more to go) and have moved out of my Chardonnay comfort zone.